Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Short Preamble

Up until today, the possibility of my health status interfering further with our travel plans was very real. But here I sit, in my hospital-issued nightie, with a soon-to-be detached IV and 130 odd stitches, awaiting release from the hospital. The surgery was a success and my recovery was stellar, if I do say so myself! I credit my 1.5 mile daily walks up and down the corridors, and of course Dr. Imatani's tremendous skill as a surgeon.

I feel great; ready to tackle the last-minute list of things that have to be done before we head out to PDX next week, as long as they don't involve bouncing, lifting, or roller coaster rides (I've had enough roller coaster to last a lifetime these past 6 months!).

The girls seem ready, even if they are slightly scared to death, and Matt has taken care of numerous loose strings to ensure everything is in order while we are gone.

I have 3 more work days. The girls have 2 more days of school. This is really happening!


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